Student Pine Needle Sculpture
Wins American Vision Award

Larry Hewett knew nothing about pine coiling until last summer (2003) when he took a private workshop with Judy Mallow from Whispering Pines, NC. He immediately decided he loved the craft. An artist and high school art teacher, Larry uses pine coiling in his own work as well as teaching it to his students to use in theirs. He must be pretty good at teaching it already, because one of his students' pine coiling sculpture was accepted into the regional Scholastic Arts Show in Wilson, NC.

Ryan Walker with his American Visions Award-winning piece

Eleventh grader Ryan Walker, shown at left, coiled pine needles around an old rusty trailer hitch.

Ryan's piece competed at state level, and was accepted into the National Scholastic show, in New York. Ryan has won the American Visions Award. Another view of Ryan's sculpture can be seen on the National Scholastic website under 2004 winners. He, his parents, and his teacher will be traveling to New York City this June, where he will be accepting his award at Carnegie Hall.

Ryan says, "When Mr. Hewett, my art teacher, introduced pinecoiling to the class, I thought it was something that had been around for a long time. It is very a authentic and natural art form and craft. I decided to try my hand at it and at first, it was very, very difficult. But as I learned exactly how to weave the pine needles together, it became simple. In my piece I wanted the contrast between the natural and man-made elements, hence the trailer hitch and the pine needle combination. Through this unique but sometimes tedious process, I learned tons of things about being patient and working on something till you see the finished product. This craft is great and worthwhile. I would recommend it to elderly people who want something to keep them occupied and to children and young people only if they are patient."

Congratulations all around, to Ryan, his very proud parents, his art peers who learned a new technique, as well their special art teacher!

Larry says, "Throughout my teaching career I've tried several crafts, but pine coiling has to be the best one and most enjoyable of them all!" Larry Hewett is an Art Instructor at West Columbus High School and was honored to be chosen 1996 Milken Educator. He is also a member of The Pine Needle Group.

Ryans coiled sculpture

Summer Williamson:  Pine Coiling

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