Valerie Gardner of Gardners African Baskets shows off a winnowing basket  and a coiled herb basket from Zimbabwe

Gardner's African Baskets
at DisneyWorld 2003

by Pamela Zimmerman

Imagine my surprise to find scores of premium coiled African coiled baskets for sale during our 2000 family vacation to Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Florida! What a bonus. The proprieter was Valerie Gardner, shown at right, of Gardner's African Baskets. (I can no longer find the Gardner's on the web, but want to keep this page up since it has so many wonderful African baskets. If you know the Gardners, and can link, please email me at basketsbypamelagmailcom. Thanks!)

Not only does Gardner's offer wonderful examples of African baskets, but Valerie is very pleased to answer any questions regarding materials and manufacture of the lovely pieces. At left, Valerie shows an incomplete coiled basket. The plant photo at right is the one she says which renders the pink dyes used in these baskets.

This is not an ongoing exhibition.Gardner's usually displays baskets for sale during the Thanksgiving holidays, as well as Easter and other occasions throughout the year. For information about when Gardner's will next be at Disney (or another show near you!), contact Valerie, or her husband Robert, by email.

Pamela next to one of the largest baskets, a museum quality piece


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