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Coiling Supplies

A coiling class plan written by Mary Mel Price , for teaching pine needle baskets, Grade Level: 4th - 6th including instructions to make the baskets,

Add Color to Your Life with Rit Dye...this page has all sorts of information which can be applied to pine needles, grasses, and other materials which you might want to coil

Art & Craft materials. Lots of unusual items, including nut slices, antler slices, moss, beeswax!

Artistic Wire, permanent copper colored wire

a coiled yarn basket kit is offered through Halcyon yarn

Baskets and Bullets, the website of Jeannie McFarland, including her books, supplies, and information on her classes and workshops.

The Basket Maker catalog, stocks seagrass and other basketmaking supplies

The Basketmaker's Catalog: GH Productions Supplier for sweetgrass, waxes linen, kits, pine needles, raffia, books.

Basket Patterns.com carries a full line of coiling supplies, including kits and materials. Dyes, leather punched and agate centers, and instructional pamphlets which are not commonly found elsewhere, like those of Peg Arnoldussen, are stocked.

The Carving Corner offers Custom Scroll Saw Basketry Components, like bases, as well as walnut slices.

Connecticut Cane and Reed Company seagrass, pine needles, raffia, coir, and other basketry supplies. Also has Mennonite & Shaker information pages.

Dyed Pine Needles.com - any questions about what they sell? David Blackwell spells it all out in clear terms, with photos in their vivid glory. Here is a rainbow...a long one!

Eidnes Furs -get sinew, and unusual things like leather, fur, bones, etc. for basketry embellishment.

Fiber Connections: seagrass, raffia, books, dyes, including soda ash (which can be hard to find), also weaving supplies (as in, fiber)

Frank's Cane & Rush Supply. Many kinds of raffia - including plaited raffia, seagrass, coil raffia basket kit.

The Fairy Chronicles. by Joanne Sweet. Book #23, Heather and the Basket of Understanding, Suitable for all ages, this story features a magical old woman who continuously coils a basket, the source all understanding on earth. Entice your favorite youngster to coil, using Joanne's wonderful tale! Download direct & print for "read-alone" ages 7-12 ("read to" younger kids.)

From The Ground Up Seeds for crafts, pine needle kits

Gifts of Love Pottery sells hand-made, unique pottery bases which can start your basket in an unusual way!

Gourdsket® Vessel Company, Inc. Long known for Gourdsket® Vessels and quality coiling instruction. Western Coulter pine needles, gourds, kits, coiling video. Now offering Limited Edition, Signed Gourdsket® Art Vessel Photographic Prints.

The Hitching Bench horsehair, including dyed colors, by the quarter pound

Hitching Post Supply. Horsehair by the pound.

Joseph M. Stern Company sells raffia, dyed or natural, in both treated and untreated varieties.

Coiled Baskets by Joyce Shannon sells kits for single rod coiling!

Judy's Baskets and Tropical Materials listed under "wild stuff": palm inflorescence, pine needles, philodendron sheaths, lots to set you on a new creative path in your coiling experiences!

Judy Wilson sells kits for coiling, silk over paper rush, tiny and beautiful!

Love to Weave stocks coiling kits for kids, as well as coiling supplies like driftwood, pine needles, telephone wire, gourds, and philodendron sheaths

Maine Thread Co. sells waxed linen, made in Maine. If you are looking for something really different, check out their mixed colors, including red/white/blue!

MakeABasket store on etsy boasts hand made pottery basket starts, sinew, and other tools and supplies for coiling.

Matoska Trading Company sells sinew, feathers, and other items related to Native American style basketry.

Moscow Hide and Fur Don't know why you would want snake skins , armadillo shells or beaver tails for basketmaking, but these folks have them...they are not a basketry supplier, but have some interesting items. Please remember to check your local laws regarding sale of antlers in your state!

Natural Crafts 4U offers longleaf pine, coiling supplies and kits.

Natural-list, Forest Foragers, offers an unusal range of natural materials for inclusion in your crafts. As well as pine needles, roots, leaves, and barks, gathersed antlers, teeth, driftwood, feathers, moss, porcupine quills, mushrooms... Please remember to check your local laws regarding sale of antlers in your state!

One of O'Brian's fretwork bases for coiling O'Brian Fretwork is now making drilled bases for baskets, with his unique fretwork. Don't miss the O'Brian's Parquet bases for coiling! Peg's Basketry has another page, listing the bases and prices in a single viewing, and explaining how they are set up for coiling.

Ozark Basketry Supply. Pine needles, raffia, forms.

PINE NEEDLES for Coiling - Dyed or Natural Beautiful Florida Long Leaf Pine Needles for your basket coiling. Natural or dyed in a variety of rich colors, competitively priced. Mention the Pine Needle Group for a FREE sample of dyed needles.

"Pining For Your Spirit" a how-to video about coiling, by well-known fiber artist W. Jayne Stanley, of Gourdsket Vessel Company.

Primitive Originals, featuring hard-to-find and unique supplies for coiling and embellishment, including bone beads, porcupine quills, and clear gauges. Processed yucca fibers. Also musuem quality hand-knapped arrows and finished art gourds, and original instructional texts for producing your own artwork.

Prim Pines has added an instruction/articles page, in addition to offering polished wood slices and agates, set in resin, drilled for basketry centers! Supplies, kits and books, finished art pieces by Judy M. Mallow. Stocking nylon basketry threads, copper gauges, sewing needles, and of course southern long leaf pine needles.

Sources for Raffia Ribbon, recommended by Marie Land in her book on pine needle coiling. This is an artificial substitute for raffia, which comes in many colors.
Bags and Bows, which sells wraphia
Our Town USA sells Darice Straw Raffia
Packaging Specialities which stocks Raf-Tye

Restoration Products, cornhusks, seagrass, raffia, straw, classes.

Royalwood, Ltd. A very wide selection of coiling supplies, including waxed linen, palm infloresence, pine needles, philodendron sheaths, horsehair, linen, sinew, leather thimbles, beads, craft gloves, etc. Now they are offering processed yucca, bark-on vine rattan, and Jacquard dyes as well.

The Sign of the Crow features mostly woven basketry, but they do stock cranberry raffia, and individually mounted shark's teeth for embellishment.

Soft Flex Design coated wire for use in basketry.

Summer Meadow Basketry Natural dye kits, horsehair, sinew, natural and dyed seagrass, philodendron sheaths, beads, gourds, porcupine quills...and more.

Susan's Supplies include sand dollars, whelk egg sacs, shells, and spanish moss, in addition to pine needles, for your basketry needs.

The Country Seat, Inc. Supplies for coiling: pine needles, seagrass, waxed thread, raffia, dyed shredded palm, raffia needles and books.

Turtlefeathers offers pine needles and tauga nut slices for basket centers, in addition to the Optima 1, a premier woodburning tool.

Using feathers or antlers in your craft? Using wildlife parts in your craft an attempt to explain some of the wildlife laws as they apply to crafters in plain language.
Don't forget to check the Use of Wildlife in Arts and Crafts: An Overview of Federal Laws and Regulations, published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to make sure you remain legal!

Wild Pony Baskets© - what a great way to introduce anyone (child or adult!) to basketry...don't miss the coiled projects, the newest of which is Little Trail©!

Wildwoods Craft Kits quality educational craft and basket kits. Also Ponderosa pine needles, raffia, etc.

Coiling Supplies, continued

Wire Forms by Wolf Mountain Wirecraft Wolf Mountain Wirecraft. Stimulated by Jeannie McFarland's need for wire forms 20 years ago, this business is now selling to other teneriffe makers. The joints on their wire shapes are invisible (unlike soldered wires), and each form is tested for strength. These ultra-smooth joints have won kudos from Pine Needle Group members. They also sell Jeannie McFarland's books. Their products are available by email or mail:  
Dana Mattson, 23830 Otter Dr., Laporte, MN 56461, (218) 224-3349, dmattson@a4isp.com Woody's Wire Frames has been purchased by
Chris Manno
C. Coyote Baskets & Wire Frames
2121 Cedar Lane
Brussells, WI 54204
If you have an old brochure, prices are plus 10%. Chris is learning to bend wires, and not all forms are available, however there is some previously completed stock available, and she is learning more every day. Contact by mail or phone only, there is no email address.

Woven Spirit Basketry Supplier for dyes, pine needles, gourds, waxed linen.

"Tools of the Trade"

Coiled Basket Graphics Free graphics for use in webpages, provided by Susi Nuss of www.basketmakers.org. Thanks, Susi! Please be sure to read and follow the terms of use provided on this page!

Detail Master Woodburning System State of the Art pyro-engraving...try this on gourds, or wood bases for coiling.

Suppliers for John James needles -
some think they are the BEST in the world. Thanks to Susi Nuss of Basketmakers.org for these sources.
The Colonial Needle Co.
JKL Needles
Prim Pines
Sisters & Daughters, Inc.
Wooded Hamlet Designs

Turtlefeathers offers the Optima 1, a premier woodburning tool, in addition to pine needles and tauga nut centers (which can be woodburned!)

Leather Thimble by KJ Hartsog Got sore fingers? Why not make custom leather thimbles to help out? There are two really nice little instruction sheets NEW online... KJ Hartsog's Leather Thimble and Kathy Awbrey's Leather Thimble . Kathy Awbrey also has her instructions on her webshots album

Ott Lights, used by miniature makers, and others for whom good lighting is essential

For those of you who do not think you can make your own, or if you want a reinforced metal thimble, here is Skin Thimble, a leather thimble reinforced with metal on the finger tip - great protection while coiling!

Learn to Coil with other Basketmakers at a local guild!Other basketry groups

Association of Michigan Basketmakers
Carol Miller and Valerie Miller at the AMB conventionThe Association has an annual convention, which our members Carol Miller and Valerie Miller attended this year. Come read Carol's convention report!

Baskets, Etc. Pine needle page, links, suppliers, basket makers listings, guild listings, tips & techniques, lots of stuff.

Check Basketmakers Site by former About Basketry guide, Susi Nuss. If you need to know it about basketry, it is here - or Susi can find it, no doubt about it. Susi has made this site with two easy to remember addresses, http://basketmakers.org , and http://basketmakers.com

Basketmaker.net, based in the UK.

BasketMakers Forum with Susi Nuss, the former About Basketry Guide. Susi has her own site now at http://basketmakers.com. She has created this forum for us, read and post about baskets! If you enjoy the Basketmakers' site, and visit it regularly, please consider contributing to Susi's Tip Jar, which helps to fund the continuation of this extremely comprehensive resource!

California Indian Basketweaver's Association. This page describes their Western Regional Basketmakers' gathering, including a few photos of coiled baskets, their makers, and some coiling in progress. Also statements from the basket makers.

Central PA Basketweavers Guild

Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Fibre Arts Online, the internet Connection to the FibreArts Community. Links, galleries, information about fiber arts as a business, all on a site with great style.

Georgia Basketry Association

Indiana Basketmakers Association

Great Basin Basketmakers Association is currently sponsoring a Coiled Basketry Tableau Raffle, raising money for Great Basin Basketmakers Association. Mini baskets, and a basketmaker doll with many coiled baskets are prizes.
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
HGA is the only international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and continuation of fiber arts. One of the programs offered is Certificate in Excellence - Basketweaving.

Land of Lincoln Basketweavers Association

Misty Rivers Community Arts Council, a Native American Organization, features sacred vessels by Gretel Miles, pine needle basket maker.

scene from the Misti Washington Gourd and Basket Guild weekend at Quail Gardens, 2003...click on this photo for more pictures!

Misti Washington Gourd & Basket Guild, Based in California, this group has lots of wonderful coiling instructors and members. Instructors and classes are listed, there is a gallery, and an online listing of their library materials, which are available to members. Photos of their May weekend 2005 (please note this page is browser-specfic. The images will only load in Internet Explorer)

Nadine Spier's newsletter, not just about classes.

National Basketry Organization

Natural Fibers Group based in Eastern North Carolina, one of few guilds focusing on collecting and processing their own basketry materials.

North Carolina Basketmakers Assn
Photos of the NCBA convention 2005. For photos from conventions before and after that, see the NCBA website.

Oklahoma Indian Weavers Circle

Northeast Basketmakers Guild, currently sponsoring the following online exhibition: Traditional Craft/Contemporary Art International Juried Art Exhibition, sponsored by the Northeast Basketmaker's Guild. There are quite a few coiled works by Joyce Shannon, Elizabeth Whyte Schulze, Nadine Spier, David Dusinia, Peggy Wiedemann, Carol Lang, and others. Also pseudo-coiled baskets by David Nittman.

Vi Phillips Basketry Guild Northwest Basket Weavers. Have a great tutorial on pine needle basketry.

Weavenet's Basketry & Caning. Links, suppliers, basketmakers listings.

The Wicker Woman is not just about wicker, rather a resource base for things relating to basketry, including a monthly "ezine", and a mailing list.

Yahoo Groups basketry mailing lists...there seem to always be new ones! When this page was updated, there were 51 different groups listed.

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