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Online Coiling Instruction

9th grade art class lesson plan, coiled personality basket. What a great idea!

American Gourd Society presents several tutorials, including "Pine Needle Rims" by Ronna Wuttke! Set up for online viewing, or separate "printer-friendly" version. Just in case you miss it here, it is also linked through Ronna's website, Turtle Feathers

Art Lesson, another take on yarn over core.

Basic Pine Needle Coiling on a Gourd by Rhoda Forbes.

Basketmaking lesson plan for 4th-6th graders, written by Mary Mel Price

Basket Full of Weeds. Instructions for making a grass basket, from the Carol Duval Holiday Show. Instruction by Judy Mullford.

Bee Skep Instructions! by L. Ludes. What a fun way to learn to coil.

Coiled Baskets By Lynne Korte

Coiled Baskets for kids. Been looking for a kids coiling project? Here is one, free for the asking, using torn calico strips and clothesline.

Coiled Fabric Baskets , from the Carol Duvall Show. There are more segments with coiling, like Coil baskets, and Pine Needle Post cards

Coiled Rope Baskets feature instruction provided by the Country Seat.

Collecting Horsehair - El Laqumaju ~ Elegant Horse Hair Baskets gives tips to prospective buyers on how to collect their own horsehair so a basket can be made from it. Great to know! Don't get kicked. She assumes you know that part. Want to know more? Check out her Horsehair dying instructions as well!

Colorful Spirals Coiled Basket Tutorial using clothesline and yarn.

Creating an Award-Winning Show Booth suggestions from a blue-ribbon team, written by Lynn Hoyt.

Downloadable Instruction booklet for Pine Needle Basketmaking! Published in 1920, now available free, "Pine Needle Basketry: A Complete Book of Instructions for Making Pine Needle Baskets" was authored by Linna Loehr Millikin. Unfortunately, we cannot link directly to the download. Go to, then choose "Archive," and the download can be located by author or title. Enjoy!

Dyeing Cellulose Plant Fibers Naturally

Sculpture by Flor BoschExplanation of the Techniques Used to Create Jeannine's Basket by Flor Bosch. This tutorial uses a traditional teneriffe technique in an original and exciting way to create free-form, one-of-a-kind sculpural weavings. Thanks so much, Flor, for sharing your wonderful ideas with us! This page is also published in Espanol. Don't miss this!

Fabric Covered Baskets , a project presented by DIY Network. And here is another one, Coiled Rag Baskets .

Family Fun: Easter Basket Making is another project using cloth, also see Coiled Yarn Baskets

Fiber coiled baskets for kids great instructions with photos, using yarn and clothesline.

Gourd College Online allows you to take real basketry classes at home through your computer.

Gratiot Lake Basketry is offering an unprecedented "special" - a free download: - The Weaver's Friendly Handbook for Pricing and Selling Handmade Baskets" by Grace and Forrest Davis. brought to you by permission of the authors. Everything you need to know about a much-discussed aspect of basketry...Grab it while it's there!

Guidelines for Gathering: Collecting 101, by basketmaker and teacher Kay Harradine! Learn how and what to gather from nature for basketry use.

The Heart of Alamor, by Debbie Norton. Welcome back, Debbie! For those of you who remember, Debbie's page was previously called Feather River Baskets, and Pine Needlers have lamented the day Debbie and her wonderful tutorials were removed from the worldwide web. Debbie's tutorials include How to Make A Pine Basket, Woodburning, Gourd with Pine Needle Rim, and Dyeing

Hopi Basket Weaves drawings showing the different methods of bundling and stitching in Hopi Baskets.

How To Make a Native American Basket by eSSortment, "information and advice you want to know." But just text, no images.

How To Make A Pine Needle Basket in pdf, this is an instruction sheet you can print out, provided by the National Park Service, the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve and Fort Caroline National Memorial, in Florida.

Joyce Shannon tapestry basket weaver, is marketing her own line of kits, teaching closed coil (single rod) coiling. REALLY NEW is an intermediate instruction booklet, illustrating in detail how the elaborate fretwork so admired in many Native American works is done. If you have always wanted to make a fretwork basket, or a herringbone, here is your bible! Want to hear more? Read this NEW review of the booklet!

Make a Pine Needle Basket with Judy Mulford, an article in Mother Earth News.

Making Pine Needle Baskets by A Natural State, step by step instructions with graphics.

Native American Coil Baskets, well at least sort is another set of instructions for group of kids, Girl Scout Style.

Native Basketry and Dye Kit information on natural dying, mordants, etc...specific information for those of you who are dying to try this!

Native Tech: Native American Coil Basketry By Tara Prindle. Instructions for Coiled Pine Needle Baskets.

Conserve Plastic Bags, make a basket an idea on recycling plastic baskets into coiled baskets. Good idea!

Needle Notes by Lynn Hoyt. Got a question about coiling? Ask Lynn to find answers for you...or send her some answers to go with questions others have asked! Pine Needle Group Exclusive Forum for your coiling questions!

The People Basket by Shannon Uriona...a concept in introducing coiling to large numbers of people. Submit your own People Basket photos! Now with a second page of People Basket adaptations!

Knotted Start for a Pine Needle Basket adapted by Kathy Awbrey. By popular demand! Now, one of the simplest basket starts is illustrated and described in detail. Thanks, Kathy!

Pine needle basketmaking by Judy Mulford, as shown on the Carol Duvall show.

Pine Needle Art Video by Debra Pearson, teneriffe style. .

Pine Needle Basketry on Gourds by Phyllis Sickles. Using raffia...beautiful examples.

Pine Needle-Raffia Basketmaking by Marian Gee. This is the intro, published online by the Northwest Basket Weavers - Vi Phillips Guild, and continues with beginning your basket using a pull-tight circle (with a left-handed view); adding pine needles and raffia without tying; shaping using needle angle; and making a lid using a wrapped pine needle ring (not metal ring), with attachment of a pine cone.

"Pining For Your Spirit" a how-to video about coiling, by well-known fiber artist W. Jayne Stanley, of Gourdsket Vessel Company.

Plaited Coil Start by Pamela Zimmerman

Preparing juniper berries as gourd embellishments, by Margaret Shingler.

Coiling Animated Gif, by M.L. Arnoldussen, used by permission
Peg's Basketry
Peg Arnoldussen hand-draws wonderful computer graphics, like the animated gif of a basket being coiled at right (which is also at the top of this page). She has originated a number of illustrations which can be very helpful in learning to coil. Specifically, check out these pages:
Coiling Around Edges is Peg's ideas on placement of coil when using ceramic pieces, gourds, wooden centers, etc.
Shaping and Figure Eights A very clear illustration of basic shaping concepts, and figure eight stitches.
Stitch Glossary Documentation of the different styles of stitches used in coil work, as well as basic teneriffe stitches.
Teneriffe Knots demonstrates how to prepare a ring for teneriffe weaving.
Weaving Teneriffe The next step in teneriffe, follows the instructions listed just above.

Prim Pines Judy Mallow, author of From Forest Floor to Finished Project , offers coiling supplies, as well as online instruction pages.

Leather Thimble by KJ Hartsog Got sore fingers? Why not make custom leather thimbles to help out? There are two really nice little instruction sheets online... KJ Hartsog's Leather Thimble and Kathy Awbrey's Leather Thimble .

Three Rod Construction a commentary/how-to by Peg Arnoldussen

Repairing Coiled Baskets some experiences and photos from which to gain tips, by members of The Pine Needle Group yahoo email list

Trait-tex yarn is used to make coil baskets in this instructional page, presented by Pacon Creative Products. Bright Yarn. Cute project.

Angel Hat by The Hatmaker The Hatmaker - how to make a pine needle hat, along with a feature story about Kaye Burlason, who makes many of them.

Waxing a Basket by Pamela Zimmerman, how to "save" a very floppy basket.

Jeannie McFarland , known for her pine needle raffia books, offers a retreat-type class, which includes sessions in Cedar Bark, Spruce Root and Raven's Tail weaving, and features Haida Basket Weaver Delores Churchill.

Kit Reviews

fretwork basket by Joyce Shannon Intermediate Instruction Booklet: Focus on Frets, by Joyce Shannon, review by Pamela Zimmerman. Ready to try a closed coil? Joyce Shannon's kit series is a good one to try!

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background by Greg Norton, used by permission.

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